4 Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Common Problems With Emax Air Compressor

emax air compressor problem
emax air compressor problem

Air Compressors are simply something that makes a lot of work easier for you. Air Compressors are mostly used for commercial purposes. They are widely used in workshops and garages, industrial units, and lifts. That allows you to get your work done easily as the compressed air gets the right force for you to screw, unscrew the bolts, and a lot more. There are tons and tons of companies out there, but only some of them are better than others in terms of affordability, durability, and utility.

Emax is one such manufacturer for these air compressors that has a wide range of products when it comes to Air Compressors. They are making Air Compressors for all sorts of applications, ranging from small domestic use to huge industrial air compressors.

Their Air Compressors are pretty good in quality and they will not break on you often. But if your Emax Air Compressor faces some problem, and is not working. Here are a few things that you must do to diagnose and troubleshoot the system.

How To Fix Emax Air Compressor Common Problems

1. Check on Power

The first thing that you should be checking on is the power supply and you need to make sure that the Air Compressor is connected to a reliable power source that is not only supplying the current perfectly but is not fluctuating the voltages. If your voltages are fluctuating or are lower than the right voltages that are required for the Air Compressor to work, it will cause you to face issues with the working.

The best way to fix such problems is to get a voltage stabilizer and use it with your Air Compressor so all such problems can be eliminated and you don’t have to face these problems again on the Air Compressor that you are using from the Emax.

2. Drain the tank

Sometimes there is a problem with the tank and the pressure can be irregular. This happens mostly when you have not used the Air Compressor for extended periods and it was just sitting there.

First of all, you need to ensure that you drain the main air tank completely using the drain valve if you plan on leaving the air compressor unused for a whole day or two. This might take a bit longer for you to get it started when you need the air compressor as it will be filling the tank with air. However, it is the safest way to deal with the Air Compressor as compressed air can be dangerous and you might never know what might become of it.

Secondly, if you are facing such problems. You need to turn off the Air Compressor and completely drain the tank. After that, close the drain valve tightly and then restart the Air Compressor and fill up the tank again. This is going to solve the problem for good and you will not have to face any sorts of issues with your Emax Air Compressor again.

3. Leakages

Another major reason for having such issues on an Emax Air Compressor is the leakage. If your air is leaking at any point from some pipe, hose, or connection, it will cause you to face issues and the right pressure will not be built with your air compressor. In order to get it fixes, you should be checking on all the pipes and hoses thoroughly. Usually, leakages are easy to detect on these air compressors as the leaking air makes a hissing sound that is traceable and you can fix the leak in no time at all.

If you feel that the leak might be too big to be fixed. You should get the whole pipe, hose or connector replaced and that will help you get rid of the leakage for good and you will also have a reliable solution.

4. Air Filter

Air Filter is a necessary element in the compressors as it allows the air to pass only, with all the dust particles and impurities stuck outside. This needs to be replaced or washed periodically since it can get clogged. Check on the air filter and make sure that it is replaced or cleaned if clogged and that will allow you to have the perfect solution to less air pressure.

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