Craftsman Professional 27 Gallon Air Compressor Review

craftsman professional 27 gallon air compressor review
craftsman professional 27 gallon air compressor review

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The name of this air compressor tells the tale and it is simply one of the most heavy-duty air compressors that you can get out there. It is painted in black, instead of the regular red that you get on those air compressors from Craftsman and by the looks of it, this air compressor speaks out loud that it means business.

The air compressor is used for commercial applications mostly, and is pretty durable and have some great reviews as well from the users worldwide.

Craftsman Professional 27 Gallon Air Compressor Review

A few things that you need to know about this professional air compressor are


The word professional is about power, and you must be expecting some extraordinary power on this air compressor that is enough for any sorts of application that you might need the air compressor for. That is quite true and the air compressor has a 1.9 HP oil-lubricated motor that will be enough to help you with any tasks that you might have.

From powering those air tools, to running some leaf blowers, lawn movers or inflating the tires all day long at some garage. The air compressor has the right power on it, that is suitable to work with all these tasks.

The best part is that storage tank is fully compatible and in the right compliance with the motor. It has the right capacity to help you get a seamless working experience. Yet, if you somehow end up exhausting your 27 Gallon tank on the air compressor, the motor is powerful enough to recharge it super-quick to reduce the downtime between your work.


Now, operation might get a bit complicated on this one, as the air compressor is made for commercial purposes and is expected to be more heavy-duty and powerful rather than convenient. Not that it is not convenient at all, but there are some maintenance things that you will have to take care of.

First of all, it has an oil-lubricated motor and you will have to keep an eye on the oil levels. You will also have to change the oil regularly in order for your air compressor to work out well and that will allow you to have a perfect experience with the air compressor. The noise part is pretty much great, and for an air compressor of that size and capacity, it is even impressive.

The air compressor runs at 73 dBA max that is not much especially if you are running the air compressor in some open space. There might be some issues in the basements or closed working spaces, but to cover them, there are rubber pads on the bottom that cover up those vibrations and the air compressor works out perfectly for you.


Durability is another major concern for most of these commercial air compressors as they ought to run all day long and this one will not disappoint you there either. The air compressor is designed to withstand stress and it will take most of the applications and accessories that you throw its way.

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