Craftsman 26 Gallon Air Compressor Review

craftsman 26 gallon air compressor review
craftsman 26 gallon air compressor review

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If you are not looking for something that powerful like 33 Gallon, and want some mid-level air compressor but that is quieter than the first one, then you should definitely consider this cool piece of engineering from Craftsman. The 26 Gallon air compressor is packed with tons of features, and a few of them that you should know about are:

Craftsman 26 Gallon Air Compressor Review


This is something that you need to consider most while getting yourself an air compressor. This one runs at 1.5 HP and provides a maximum of 150 PSI. That is not much if you think about getting an air compressor for those commercial purposes. So, if that is what you have planned, then this air compressor might not be a good choice for you to have.

However, if you are looking for a bigger air compressor for your needs at home, or getting some stuff done on your own, then this can be the perfect thing to get. It comes packed with several interesting features that make it the best mid-sized air compressor for domestic use and applications that don’t require more work in shorter periods.


One of the best things about this air compressor is its quiet operation. It runs at merely 71 dBA that Is equal to nothing if you compare it with other air compressors of the same size and power on it. This means you can easily use this air compressor in enclosed spaces and indoors without having to worry about a thing about the noise.

This one also got those gauges on the front so you can monitor all the pressure ratings inside the storage tank and the output pressure on the pipes. This will help you in making it work optimally without facing any problems or issues with the tank.


The air compressor is all about portability. It got a slim and sleek tank, that is high and it has some handles on the top. There are also two wheels at the bottom that will allow you to move it around the place like you want it. The cord is also pretty long and it comes with a 6’ cord by default. This way, you will never have to worry about that part and the air compressor will be moving all over easily around you so that you can get your work done without having to worry about the hassles on the portability.


One thing is for sure, the air compressor is not suitable for any sorts of commercial applications. However, it is the perfect thing that you can get to fulfill all the needs that you might have for domestic applications. It can easily use for lawn mowing, leaf blowing or you can get the paintwork done on your own with the right airbrushes. This air compressor might not have that much power on the motor, but the air storage capacity is pretty great, and all that will help you in getting the work done without any breaks at all.

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