Comparing the Air Compressor and an Electric Paint Sprayer

Comparing the Air Compressor and an Electric Paint Sprayer
Comparing the Air Compressor and an Electric Paint Sprayer

Comparing the Air Compressor and an Electric Paint Sprayer

Air compressors have become very popular tools in many parts of the world. Air compressors have different uses that can also be commercialized. For example, you can find air compressors installed in gas stations to be used for the inflation of car or motorcycle tires. Air compressors are also durable and can last for many years. These features encourage more contractors to use air compressors.

The electric paint sprayer is also frequently used equipment owned by contractors or individuals who need it for private use. The popularity of the electric paint sprayer can be attributed to its features that can be leveraged by contractors or private users to complete jobs faster when they need to spray a house, cars, or wood furniture, among other uses.

There are so many brands and models of the air compressors and electric paint sprayers in the market. Making a final decision will depend on how suitable the features are for your proposed job.

The air compressors have similar functions when compared with the electric paint sprayer. But they have different physical features. The electric paint sprayers are mostly designed as portable hand-held equipment that weighs less than 15 pounds.

There are some air compressors that have a similar weight, the smaller portable model, however, the air compressor models are generally bulkier and have more elaborate features.

The air compressors feature air tanks of different sizes according to the model. They also come with an installed engine that powers the air pump. Most of the industrial air compressor model requires the use of wheels that make it possible for the user to easily move the air compressor from one location to another.

The electric paint sprayers feature a much smaller tank that contains the spray paint. The tank is detachable, and it can be refilled. The electric paint sprayer is connected to electric power by an extension cord; this can also be found in electric powered air compressors.

Comparing the pressure output from both types of equipment, the air pressure output from the air compressor is significantly higher than the pressure output that can be delivered by an electric paint sprayer.

The lower pressure output of the electric paint sprayer is necessary because it makes it easier for the user to achieve consistency when applying a coat of paint on a surface.

There are electric paint sprayers that function with air in a similar way like the air compressor units. In these models, the air is compressed in a compressor, and it pushes out the paint from the nozzles when the spray gun is triggered. Alternatively, there are airless paint sprayers that rely on the viscosity of the paint ejected through the nozzles.

Regarding performance, the air compressor and electric paint sprayers work effectively when used by experienced people to handle jobs.

The outcome of a job completed with an electric paint sprayer is neat and appealing. It should be noted that the air compressors, smaller models, can be used to operate air tools for painting. Considering the fact that the best outcome is achievable at a lower output pressure, the air compressor pump can be adjusted to match the air pressure required by the air tool to be used for painting.

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