Comparing the Air Compressor and a Power Washer

Comparing the Air Compressor and a Power Washer
Comparing the Air Compressor and a Power Washer

Comparing the Air Compressor and a Power Washer

Air compressors and power washers are similar in some ways. The two products function with an operational system that generates pressure. The main difference between the air compressor and a power washer is how the output pressure from both types of equipment are used.

The air compressor functions with a system that compresses air and delivers the compressed air at an output capacity determined by its specifications. For example, some air compressors have an air pump that has the capacity to deliver an output air pressure as high as 200 PSI; other models may have lower output capacities.

On the other hand, the power washer produces an output pressure that forces out water, which is sprayed from nozzles in a spray gun at high pressure.

The power washer mainly delivers water at high pressure while the air compressor delivers compressed air at equally high pressure.

There have been so many inquests into the possibility of using an air compressor as a power washer. The common reasons given for this desire are that people are trying to find a way to have one equipment that can perform both tasks. It makes sense, with an air compressor that can function as a power washer; you can save some storage space in the garage.

However, I am sure that a power washer cannot be used to perform the functions of an air compressor. But, there is a possibility that an air compressor can be made to function as a power washer.

The two products have similar functional parts. The air compressor features an air tank, which is used to store compressed air, a direct drive motor, air pump, and the engine.

The power washer also features an engine system, valves that connect to a water source, the electrical system for power, and different nozzles for the spray gun.

Power washers are mostly designed as a wheeled system because they are moved around the project site often while in use. Power washers can be used for cleaning walkways, the walls on buildings, a roof over buildings, porches, and cars.

Air compressors also have versatile usage descriptions. Air compressors can be used to inflate car tires, children’s toys, balloons, and sports balls. Air compressors can also be used to operate different types of air tools.

The output pressure from the air compressor and a power washer can be controlled. On the air compressor, there is either a digital or analog air pressure gauge that shows the output pressure and the air tank level. The output from the air compressor is controlled with the use of a high-flow regulator switch.

The power washer also features a smart control system that can be used to regulate the output pressure expelled through the water gun. There are power washer models that can produce an output pressure as high as 100 PSI; this is much higher than the pressure delivered by many industrial air compressor units.

It should also be noted that using an air compressor to operate a power washer may not yield the same results compared to using an actual power washer.


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