Comparing the Air Compressor and the Vacuum Pump

Air Compressor vs Vacuum Pump
Air Compressor vs Vacuum Pump

Air Compressor vs. Vacuum Pump

The air compressor and vacuum pumps are two important types of equipment you should have. The air pump and vacuum pump have versatile functions and can be used to get the best results quickly. There are many brands of both types of equipment in the market. However, some people still confuse their functions due to similarities in the designs and scope of use.

In this article, I will be writing about the air compressor, its features, and how the air compressor is much different from a vacuum pump.

The air compressor functions by compressing air, which is stored in an air tank, and delivered through an air hose. The air compressor is used to inflate things such as sports balls, balloons, car and motorcycle tires, and toys. The air compressor is also used to operate different types of air tools that are used for painting, fastening, airbrushing, and blowing.

The vacuum pump is used to create a vacuum in a container or tank by removing the air molecules in the container. The vacuum pump works based on the principle of air pressure difference. The vacuum pump removes molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration.

There are so many different types of vacuum pumps. You can find them in use in practical based sectors such as pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and in different industries.

The vacuum pump basically works based on the principle of suction. This is how it is different from the air compressor, which expels compressed air from its output pump.

Types of vacuum pumps

The different types of vacuum pumps you can find in the market are the displacement vacuum pump, entrapment vacuum pump, regenerative vacuum pump, and the momentum transfer vacuum pump. These models have similar functions, but their applications vary making them suitable for use in different sectors.

Types of air compressors

The air compressors are generally divided into the rotary screw air compressors and the reciprocating air compressors. These two types of air compressors are distinguished by their features and functionality.

Differences between a vacuum pump and air compressor

While the air compressor expels air from its system, which can be used for different functions such as inflating things and operating tools, the vacuum pump removes air molecules from enclosed spaces by suction.

The air compressor functions with air only. It compresses the air that is expelled. The air compressor units also have a system that eliminated moisture from the compressed air. On the other hand, vacuum pumps can be used to move air, gases, and liquids from a container.

It is not possible to move liquids with an air compressor because liquids cannot be compressed.

After use, vacuum pumps create an area of low pressure. The air compressors, on the other hand, increase the air pressure in things like car tires, sports balls, or balloons, during the process of inflation.

Also, the energy consumption by air compressors is significantly higher than the vacuum pumps because of the differences in their functional features.

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