4 Ways To Fix Stanley Fatmax Air Compressor Not Working

stanley fatmax air compressor not working
stanley fatmax air compressor not working

Stanley is one of the major companies that are making portable Air Compressors for a wide range of applications. The best part about Stanley is that they are proficient with what they do, and have tons of variety for you to choose from. Not only that, but their air compressors are highly durable and reliable with the right design to make them even better for usage.

Fatmax is one of the heavy-duty Air Compressors from Stanley, that is not only an Air Compressor but has several other great features, and if it is not working, here is what you will need to do.

How To Fix Stanley Fatmax Air Compressor Not Working?

1. Check on Batteries

The first thing that you should be checking on is the battery. While it has a pretty huge battery storage capacity and is not likely to go down soon, but you should still be careful about it as it might be the only thing that can save you out of some tight corners.

It would be better to charge your Stanley Fatmax Air Compressor once a month at least to ensure that it contains the right charge on it that can help you jump start your car, charge your phone or at least inflate the tire if you get stuck somewhere.

2. Check the Nozzle

While the batteries are least likely to go out, there is another thing that might be causing you to face issues with the air compressor and that is nozzle adjustment. If the nozzle is not clipped on the tire properly, the right pressure will not be building and that will cause you to have problems with your Stanley Fatmax Air compressor.

So, make sure that the nozzle is clipped on the tire properly, and it would be better if you can take the nozzle off and then clip it on again once just to make sure that there are not any sorts of issues that you will have to face while using the air compressor.

3. Run a Power Cycle

Sometimes all the components cannot start and your air compressor might have left out on the Stanley Fatmax. In order to get that fixed, you should be running a power cycle on the Stanley Fatmax Air Compressor and that will sort out the problem for you.

This is pretty simple and you just have to turn it off once and then turn it on again. This will help you get rid of the problem perfectly and you will not be getting any sorts of issues on your Stanley Fatmax air compressor again.

4. Get it Checked

Lastly, if nothing is working out for you and you are still stuck with the problem. You should contact the Stanley support department. They offer pretty great warranty policies and some cool services even after your warranty has expired. So, they will be able to check it thoroughly and make sure that all the issues that might be causing you to face troubles with your Stanley Air Compressor are fixed for good and that you don’t have to face any problems with it again.

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