Quincy QT-15 Air Compressor Review

quincy qt 15 air compressor review
quincy qt 15 air compressor review

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You might think that it couldn’t get any better, but Quincy got the best of everything and that allows you to enjoy a seamless experience and the right air compressor for a wide range of applications that you might have.

All this includes some of the biggest air compressors out there that you can have, with the perfect edge of durability and stability on them. That is why, you are going to love all their models and QT 15 is one such model that you can get your hands on and some of the salient features about it are:

Quincy QT-15 Air Compressor Review


This air compressor got the best power out there and there is nothing that you might be planning on throwing on the air compressor’s way that it cannot possibly handle. The air compressor is made for extreme power outputs and is capable of producing 15 HP that is pretty much enough to deal with most of the commercial and industrial applications out there.

Not only that, but this air compressor also got lower pump RPMs to provide you with a quieter, cooler and safer overall experience. These low RPMs enable the air compressor to continue running for hours and hours without any sorts of hiccups too. This way, you will be able to ensure that a stable air supply is made possible for all the applications that you might have in mind.


Coming to the motor part, this air compressor got the best technology that any air compressor can offer. It has a four-cylinder motor that is oil lubricated so you have a quieter and better experience. Even for such a large motor that is capable of producing an output of 15 HP optimally, the RPMs are surprisingly low. The air compressor optimally runs at only 923 RPMs and that allows the motor to produce all that power without breaking a sweat.

All that might sound too good to be true, but the air compressor is just the perfect thing to have for all these applications and a lot more. This air compressor motor got industrial-duty, general purpose mounted design on the motor and is equipped with the wired magnetic starter as well. The motor is designed essentially to run like this for years without breaking a single problem and it can deal with all that wear and tear as well without any problems or issues.


The air compressor is designed with hotdog style tank that is capable of holding 120 Gallon of compressor air. It is designed horizontally that will make space saving a bliss for you. The motor is mounted on the top for more efficiency as it will reduce the noise and vibrations as well and also save all the space for you.

Both the nozzles are also placed conveniently for easy access and smoother overall operations. Not only that, but you will also be getting some of the best perks as the drainage valve is located at the bottom of the tank and is conveniently higher than the ground level.

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