How To Make Air Compressor Quiet?

How To Make Air Compressor Quiet?
How To Make Air Compressor Quiet?

Air compressors are undoubtedly quite handy. However, they can also be quite troublesome when they become noisy. The general rule of thumb is that the cheaper a unit is, the more noise it tends to make. However, this is not always true.

It is not always possible to upgrade your air compressor when it becomes loud. Therefore, you need to find out the cause behind the loud noise and what you can do to deal with it.

What causes air compressors to become noisy?

Various factors contribute to your air compressors being so loud. For instance, vibrations can increase the magnitude of the noise produced by the unit. Vibrations in an air compressor depend on its structure and where you place it.

If your air compressor contains a lot of shallow and hollow parts, the noise produced by the vibrations will increase significantly. Similarly, if you place the air compressor on an unstable surface, it will create more sound.

The material that the air compressor is made from also contributes to the noise that it produces. High-quality materials are dense and thick and therefore produce less noise compared to low-quality materials.

The type of air compressor you use is crucial, as well. If you use an air compressor with high power, it will likely produce more noise.

How to make the air compressor quiet?

There are some measures you can take to ensure that the air compressor does not become a nuisance for you.

You can reduce the vibrations of the unit by covering some parts of it with rubber. You can also ensure that you place the air compressor on a stable and smooth surface, such as a rubber mat.

Rubber is an excellent sound insulator and thus can prove to be of immense help in lessening the sound of the air compressor. Rubber absorbs energy from the impact, thereby preventing echo. If you want to reduce the noise of your air compressor, you can install rubber grommets on its motor. This will ensure that the vibrations produced by the motor are absorbed by the rubber, leading to less noise being generated.

You can also modify the intake and exhaust systems of the air compressor to make sure that it produces less noise.

Air compressors are usually placed in a garage or basement. If you are tired of the loud noise of the unit, you can place the intake of the compressor outside. This will make sure that the air is sucked into the compressor from an open space instead of a closed room, reducing the noise levels.

Final words

You might find it a whole lot easier and convenient to buy an air compressor, which is relatively quieter.  Conduct adequate research to find out how much noise a particular model produces and purchase one that would not disrupt the peace of your house.

However, if you do end up with a somewhat louder air compressor, you can use some simple measures to lessen its effects. Sometimes, an air compressor also makes loud noises when it is worn out or needs maintenance. Make sure that your air compressor does not have any such problem.


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