3 Common General International Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

general international air compressor problems
general international air compressor problems

With the abundance of brands out there, you might feel a bit confused in choosing the right air compressor for your needs. General International Air Compressors is one such brand that is pretty famous and used widely all over the world. They are known for their affordability and the right durability as they don’t break under pressure. However, there are several problems that one might have to face with these General International Air Compressors. A few of these common problems and their solutions are:

General International Air Compressor Problems

1) Gasket Issues

Well, these are not that common problems but if you are using these General International Air Compressors for extended periods of time, you are going to face this issue at least once. The gasket on these air compressors is pretty sensitive and requires optimal care at all times. If you don’t take good care of these, they will blow up and cause serious damage to the motor of your air compressor.

To avoid gasket problems, you need to ensure that you are using the right grade of engine oil in your vehicle. Not only that, but you will also have to make sure that the oil quantity is right. Another possible reason for a blown gasket can be overheating and you will have to change the oil inside the motor at regular intervals as stated in the owner’s manual. All this will ensure that the gasket keeps on going fine and you don’t have to face the problem.

However, if the gasket is blown for some reason, you don’t have much choice left and you will have to get fixed through a technician as this is something that you shouldn’t try on your own.

2) Too much noise

There is also one issue that you can face every once in a while. If you are not changing the oil in the motor regularly as it is recommended, that can cause you to have knocking sound inside the motor and that noise can get pretty unbearable.

In order to get that problem fixed, you will have to follow the oil change schedule religiously and ensure that there are no delays on it. However, if the problem still occurs, it would be better to get the motor checked with a technician as there might be some part on it that might not be working outright, and getting it checked will not only eliminate the noise but also ensure that the problem doesn’t grow.

3) Tires Breaking down

Another common problem that you might have to face on these air compressors is that their tires break down. While these tires are there to ensure portability and provide you with a seamless experience, they are not that durable.

Ensure that you are using the tires on a flat surface only and not using them to drag the air compressor around at all times. If the tires get broken, you will have to replace them and there is no other way to get out of this situation.

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