3 Common Emglo Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)


Air Compressors are a necessity for most industrial businesses, but commercial air compressors are not something that you can get off the supermarket shelves. While there are tons and tons of options out there, you need to take care of all the stuff that matters. You need to get the right air compressors that are durable and sturdy enough to get the job done for you. These commercial air compressors need to have the right motors and quality on them.

These air compressors that you can get your hands from Emglo are some of the best ones out there. They have been in the market for quite some time and they are offering some of the most durable parts out there. These air compressors are built to last and to perform greatly under all the stress. However, it might not be easy enough to take care of them as there might be some serious mechanics on these air compressors that you have to deal with. A few common problems that might occur, and their solutions are:

Emglo Air Compressor Problems

1) Excessive Smoke

Well, first things first and no one likes to have smoke coming out of their motors. Smoke is the sign that there is something bad on the motor and you don’t want to have that on your commercial air compressor for sure. One thing is for certain, that you will need to get the motor checked and here are a few possibilities that might be causing you to have this problem with smoke coming out of your exhaust.

To start with the diagnosis, you will have to check on the oil and make sure that you don’t need an oil change on the motor. If the oil has got too thick then, it might be causing you to have all these troubles. You will need to follow the oil change schedule religiously and that is going to help you out in making it work perfectly.

If the oil is not a problem, then it must have something to do with the gasket. The gasket can be blown and that will cause your oil to burn. This excessive burning of the oil can cause you to have this problem with the smoke. You just need to have the gasket checked and that will help you with the smoke issue for good.

Lastly, if the gasket checks out, you will also need to check on the rings that are on the pistons of your motor. That is going to help you out in the perfect manner and changing the rings is going to solve the problem optimally for you.

2) Noise Problems

There are some other problems like the noise that you might have to deal with on these air compressors from Emglo. They are not that bad, and simply are a by-product of these motors being old-tech and using some of the old materials and technologies. You will need to ensure checking on all the oils and keep changing them to avoid these noises. Also, you will need to take care of these nuts and bolts that you might have on the motor and tighten them up properly in order to make them work in the right manner without causing any noise for you.

If the noise is coming out of the motor, then that can cause you to have some trouble. You will need to get the motor opened and then get it checked thoroughly for any wear and tear that might be inside the motor. This way, you can make it work and the noise problem is going to be solved for you.

3) Air Leakage

You might also have to deal with the air leakage on these air compressors. This is the easiest fix of all, and there is not much that you will have to do. Just make sure that you trace the leak by closely paying attention to that hissing sound that is coming out of the air compressor.

Once you trace the leak, it would be better to replace the part that has a leak on it. A repair might get you around a small leak or two, but it is not the right way if you want to make it go long.

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