Can Air Compressor Be Used as Pressure Washer and Fill Paintball Tank?

Can Air Compressor Be Used as Pressure Washer and Fill Paintball Tank?
Can Air Compressor Be Used as Pressure Washer and Fill Paintball Tank?

Can Air Compressor Be Used as Pressure Washer and Fill Paintball Tank?

An air compressor is a device or an electronic machine that converts air from the atmosphere into high-pressure energy by compressing it in a confined place and releasing it into the tank. Air compressors can be operated through an electric motor or gas engine. The compressed air can be used for numerous purposes, such as they are useful for household appliances, for filling air in vehicle tires, for filling gas cylinders, to supply divers, to give power to pneumatic tools, etc.

Now the real question is, can air compressor be used as pressure washer? The answer to this question is not that simple. Big houses with lawns and garages require regular maintenance which means multiple tools and equipment to clean lawns, garages, and inside of the house. This may make the place look cluttered. People who want to keep minimum equipment for the maintenance of their houses may use air compressor as a pressure washer as well. However, the result may not be the same but by adding an extra spray gun on the air compressor it will work like a pressure washer.

An average pressure washer starts at 1300 PSI (pound per square), whereas even with maximum modifications of an air compressor, it can go up till 100-200 PSI only. PSI basically measures the strength of the pressure. If the size of the lawn is small then an air compressor may do a good job, otherwise for big gardens or lawns it is better to go for a pressure washer. Having said it, in general, is it very difficult to wash a lawn with an air compressor as it may not do a very good job. It can be time-consuming and may require more effort as compared to a pressure washer which has more reach and better pressure. Therefore, it is dependent on various factors if the air compressor can be used as a pressure washer or not.

Moving on with multiple uses of an air compressor, another big question is, can air compressor fill paintball tanks? Basically, a paintball tank is like a vehicle that is used in numerous types of sport of paintball. It is used as an accommodation for the players to employ pointers against the players of the opposing team. In order to operate paintball tanks and guns, one needs compressed gas or air. The average pounds per square required to fill these tanks is between 3000-4500, which means a very heavy-duty equipment is needed. An air compressor might not be able to produce this much pressure but not everyone has the capability to use them to fill the tanks.

If players are willing to do it themselves then they can modify the air compressor and use them to fill tanks. This is also saving them money by getting the filling from different stores. It will be like a one-time investment and then they are good to go and fill on their own. Therefore, the answer to the question, can air compressor fill paintball tank, cannot be just yes or no.


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