3 Best Home Depot Air Compressor Check Valve Review

best home depot air compressor check valve review
best home depot air compressor check valve review

Air compressors are a great thing to have, as they can make your hard work go easier for you and you can enjoy a trouble-free experience with the labor that would have taken hours otherwise. That includes mechanical work, construction jobs and a lot more other applications that these air compressors are being used for.

Yet, dealing with the compressed air can also be dangerous at times and you will have to ensure that you are using the right equipment that is not only safer to use, but will not cause you any sort of troubles with the work.

That goes for all the parts and components that are being used on an air compressor. You cannot be careful enough about it, and double checking each component is always the best practice. That is why, when you are choosing a replacement part, you need to be precisely careful about the compatibility, durability, load ratings and all the other important stuff like that.

Best Home Depot Air Compressor Check Valve Review

If you are looking to replace the Check Valve for your air compressor, here are a few options that you can easily source from Home Depot.

1) Replacement Check Valve for Husky Air Compressor

valve for husky air compressor

A check valve on the tank is there to ensure the one-way flow of the air. This way, the compressed air is transferred and stored inside the tank and the check valve is there to ensure that the compressed air cannot flow out through the inlet again. The check valve is of critical important as it keeps the right barricade between the air flowing inside the tank and that is stored in the tank already.

If you have got the check valve on your husky air compressor broken, or there is some leakage detected on it, there is no better option than this check valve for Husky air compressors that are designed and manufactured perfectly to go with your Husky air compressors and serve you good without causing any sort of problems or issues.

This Check Valve is made of durable materials to fit the air compressor perfectly, and don’t get lose over time. Not only that, but you can expect it to last you for years without causing any troubles since quality is the last thing that husky would ever compromise on.

This check-valve should be the right choice for you, if you are specifically looking for a replacement check valve for Husky air compressors.  This check valve is perfect for all the husky air compressors up to 80 Gallon storage capacity. The valve got a secure feature that automatically closes when the air has been drained from your pump head.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Replacement-Check-Valve-for-Husky-Air-Compressor-E106027/206485073

2) ½”. MNPT Compressor Tank Check Value

mnpt compressor tank check value

This one right here is by Milton Industries Inc. and we all know Milton Industries for their durability, affordability and the right efficiency. The check valve is pretty convenient to install and replace, and if you know about such things a little bit, you will have absolutely no troubles in installing this valve on your air compressor yourself. This check valve is made of brass body for extended durability, and it is built to last under stress as well.

The valve will keep air volume and pressure both from escaping into the compressor heads while the compressor is not operating. This will not only be keeping the air stored in your tank safe, but will also be the best thing to have for protecting your pump’s internal components from any wear and tear that might be caused due to the compressed air escaping back in the pump.

This valve got a side port for pressure switch applications that will improve the poppet life for you. Teflon is used for the poppet so there are optimally no such issues with the durability of poppet life that you will ever have to face.

The valve can also be used as a shut-off valve for non-corrosive liquids. The maximum pressure ratings for this air compressor check valve would be 450 PSI so there are no such problems like compatibility with your air compressor. It can also take 20 SCFM of airflow pretty easily so you can have a seamless experience. Overall, if your air compressor inlet is of ½ in. Then you can seamlessly use it for regulating the airflow.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milton-Industries-Inc-1-2-in-MNPT-Compressor-Tank-Check-Valve-S-1091-1/302583414

3) 150 PSI Pressure Relief Valve

psi pressure relief valve

If you are looking for something compact in size, then this Pressure relief valve from the Powermate will do the trick for you. It is made up of brass for extended durability and you are going to love the experience that you will have with this valve.

Not only that, but It has the right safety ratings that will ensure you a completely safer experience from all sort of problems and mishaps that have the chance of occurrence on your air compressor. This valve is compatible with all sorts of ¼ in. air compressors so you just have to worry about the inlet size and nothing else.

The valve is designed for smaller applications and due to its small size, it might not be the optimal choice for you if you are dealing with higher pressures. Yet, this valve can hold up to 150 Psi pretty easily and with that, you can use it for all those smaller air compressors that have the inlet of ¼ inches and don’t go over the 150 PSI air pressure while running at their full capacity.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Powermate-150-psi-Pressure-Relief-Valve-136-0005RP/202592877


Check Valve is something that you can never compromise on, as it doesn’t only save the troubles of you to fill the tank again in case the air is being leaked back into the pump, but that leaked air can also cause damage to the pump’s internal components.

That is why, you need to make the decision carefully and only choose the best check valve for your air compressor. Based on different inlet sizes, these are some of the best check valves that you can source from Home Depot Website and make the whole experience with your air compressors a lot better.

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