4 Best Home Depot 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review

best home depot 60 gallon air compressor review
best home depot 60 gallon air compressor review

Air compressors are always useful whatever job you are doing and Home Depot provides you with a high-end compressor at the lowest possible rates. And it’s a bonus if your compressor has a 60-gallon tank. These compressors work by lessening the volume of the air and boosting its pressure.

The 60-gallon air compressor can hold up to 60 gallons of compressed air even if the system is turned off and not operational. In this article, we have talked about 4, 60-gallon air compressors, that are very heavy duty and long-lasting.

These compressors are quite and don’t make much noise so you won’t get irritated with the awful machinery noise. All of these provide value for money and you need to check them out of you are looking for one. Just keep on reading.

Best Home Depot 60 Gallon Air Compressor Review

1) Ingersoll Rand 60 Gal. 3 HP Single Stage Stationary Electric Compressor

ingersoll rand electric compressor

3 HP Single Stage Stationary Electric Compressor by Ingersoll Rand provides uninterrupted heavy duty. You can put heavy loads on it for a very long time and it will work for you accurately. It automatically turns on and off so there is no hassle of keeping an eye and water of energy. This is a well-built, thought-out, small, and compact compressor.

Although it can hold up to 60 gallons of compressed air, it doesn’t take much space. It comes with thermal protection which automatically turns it off when overheated. The thermal protection also prevents voltage fluctuations and stabilizes the compressor even in low voltages. It has more than enough power to handle any task that you throw at it and won’t disappoint you. It provides 100% continuous duty.

It is made from weather-resistant material so you can place it anywhere, be it indoors or outside.  It is quiet enough that you can stand near it even when it’s operational. You can keep it inside the working place without the fear of it being too loud. It is a great purchase for the price it offers. You cannot get another compressor with similar features in such a low-price range.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ingersoll-Rand-60-Gal-3-HP-Single-Stage-Stationary-Electric-Compressor-SS3L3/202889695

2) Ingersoll Rand Type 30 Reciprocating 60 Gal. 5 HP Electric 230-Volt 3 Phase Air Compressor

ingersoll rand air compressor

Type 30 Reciprocating 60 Gal. 5 HP Electric 230-Volt 3 Phase Air Compressor by Ingersoll Rand is designed for very heavy use in shops or industries and it can easily take high loads of work. The durability and the performance of this air compressor are ideal. You can easily rely on this compressor for loads and loads of your work. It can be utilized in industries like automotive services and body shops, fleet maintenance, machine shops, production and manufacturing lines, woodworking shops, dry cleaners, car washes, general maintenance, repair shops, and farms.

It is an amazing air compressor that fills up very quickly. It is very quiet and you can easily stand near it when it’s running. It runs very smoothly and you cannot get a better compressor in this price range. The quality is above average at this price and it is a steal for the price it offers. It has high-efficiency stainless steel valves which make it more reliable and durable.

It can provide several hours of uninterrupted run time and can take on heavy-duty work very easily. The recovery time of this compressor is very fast. It also has a high efficient intercooler which keeps it protected from overheating.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Ingersoll-Rand-Type-30-Reciprocating-60-Gal-5-HP-Electric-230-Volt-3-Phase-Air-Compressor-2340L5-V/203751417

3) Dewalt 60 Gal. 175 PSI Two Stage Stationary Electric Air Compressor

dewalt air compressor

175 PSI Two Stage Stationary Electric Air Compressor by Dewalt is just a fantastic air compressor designed for serious professionals. It is for heavy use and can take loads of work. It pumps up relatively quickly and isn’t very loud. The compressor is very easy to install. It is compact and looks very well built. It is powered by a bigwig 5 HP tops engine. It has a Thermal Overload Protection system that protects it from voltage fluctuations and overheating.

The thermal overload protection stabilizes the compressor in voltage instabilities and assists in it keep doing its work. This heavy machinery has a 175 maximum PSI and is capable of operating a variety of tools and maintaining long run times.  The specifications of this compressor include a patented deep-grove directional, asymmetrical cooling fins, and a patented cast-iron flywheel design with vastly expanded fins for increased cooling and low-pump RPM. The product is easy to assemble and install.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-60-Gal-175-PSI-Two-Stage-Stationary-Electric-Air-Compressor-DXCMV5076055/301608003

4) Husky 60 Gal. 175 PSI Electric Stationary 2-Stage Air Compressor

husky air compressor

60 Gal. 175 PSI Electric Stationary 2-Stage Air Compressor by Husky is constructed for high performance and long-lasting durability. The Husky 60 Gal. 2-Stage Portable Air Compressor renounces about 175 psi and a ton of airflow at 7.6 SCFM at 90 psi to provide energy to a vast variety of air tools. It is made from a cast-iron pump that provides drastic stability with its oil lubrication which decreases resistance and corrosion and provides 2-Stage operation.

The low resistance also lessens the recovery time by 50% which results in the compressor lasting longer. The energy cost is also reduced because of low resistance. It is quiet and doesn’t make that irritating noise like other compressors. It has good recovery and supply. It is an excellent compressor for the price and provides high value for the money you pay.

The auto drain is a nice feature that adds to the life of the product and also you don’t have to break your back to drain the tank. Overall, the unit is very easy to install. This is the best-priced 2-stage compressor one can find. Should add another 10 years to the life of the tank.

Link: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-60-Gal-175-PSI-Electric-Stationary-2-Stage-Air-Compressor-HDC602000/312947921


We have just reviewed 4 of Home Depot’s best 60-gallon compressors that you need to get your hands on if you are looking for something that is super affordable and provides heavy loads of work. 4 of the above-mentioned units provide value for money and are relatively quite in this price range. Let us know which one you liked the most and which one you choose to get for yourself and why.

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