3 Best Aavix Air Compressor Reviews 2022

Best Aavix Air Compressors

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Best Aavix Air Compressors

Aavix air compressors have many features, either to fill the wheels of a vehicle or for the use of a work or renovation. Whatever the reason you need one of these products, we have created a comparison with opinions and analysis of the best air compressors that are currently on the market so you can buy the one that best suits what you are looking for.

What to look for when buying an Aavix air compressor?

Before we discuss about some recommended air compressor product Aavix has, let’s talk about what to look for when you want to buy Aavix air compressor. This way, even if you do not buy any of our recommendations, you will make a good purchase decision. Because what matters to us is that you buy the best. So, let’s begin!

Tank and flow

The two most relevant aspects are the tank and the flow. The tank refers to the capacity of cubic feet of air per minute it can generate, while the flow refers to the pressure and air consumption.

In general, for normal and ordinary tools, swelling wheels and this type of domestic use, it will be enough for you to have a horse compressor power (which implies 100 liters of compressed air per minute).

As for the tank, just look at how much air your tools need, and choose the compressor under the tool that needs more air.

Brand, Price, and Reviews

The brand, price and opinions of previous buyers should also be looked at. With these three well balanced factors, it is very difficult for you to make a mistake in your purchase. Let's see them with a little more depth.

With regard to the brand, it is best to opt for the recognized and popular. For a brand to be popular and recognized, it must have done well over time. Aavix is one of them. It is sold by trusted store of Home Depot that guarantees its quality. Thus, buying Aavix air compressor is a wise decision

As regards the price, we usually look for the lowest. Naturally, we will try to find the best discounts or offers. However, don't let yourself be guided by super low prices, because they usually involve mediocre quality.

Finally, it is important to note that you must always review the opinions of previous buyers. It is a very valuable information, which will avoid possible mistakes. Information from previous buyers is important!

3 Best Aavix Air Compressor Reviews

1) 3 Gal. Portable Electric 100 psi Oil-less Pancake Air Compressor

3 Gal. Portable Electric 100 psi Oil-less Pancake Air Compressor

A compressor that we liked very much for the design change, having a new and attractive concept. We find a 6 gal boiler (air tank) that is placed beneath the compressor, unlike what we have always found in long vertical compressor.

The engine is placed at the top with a sturdy plastic housing to avoid burns from touching this element. Since the product is not so big and easy to carry, it has no wheels under the tank. There are only rubber placemat below the tank. Thanks to this model, you can do absolutely everything, since it has an excellent power to carry out works or DIY at home at an irresistible price.

This oil-less pump supports a pressure up to 100 psi and powered by 120-volt motor. This compressor is also featuring easy-to-understand pressure gauge making it beginner friendly for those who never use air compressor before.

The key point of this 3 Gal. Aavix electrical compressor is that, the product is lightweight. Yet, it is powerful enough to perform household tasks on is capacity.

2) 21 Gal. Portable Electric 125 psi Vertical Air Compressor

21 Gal. Portable Electric 125 psi Vertical Air Compressor

Another of the products that we have found necessary to show you is this compressor with a 21 Gal. boiler. This product is very functional. Of course, it will help you a lot in your chores. It has a pressure capacity of 125psi, perfect for small and medium household air compressing needs.

In addition to this, it has a maximum pressure of 2.5 HP/14 Amp rated motor. Therefore, you will get an excellent and very firm flow. The height of the product is 5.9 ft, but it will move easily thanks to a handle that is located on the top of the engine.

It has an outlet to connect the cable to the gun or to fill balls or wheels. In addition, it has a couple of 6-inch rubber wheels to make it easy for you to transport. At last, you can count at all times with the guarantee and professionalism of the Aavix brand.

The key features of this 21 Gal. Aavix compressor is being a CETL certified and reliable in use. In fact, its use doesn’t produce necessary noise and guarantee the highest possible safety of the user. The Built-in quick coupler of the product will also make you easy to start this compressor.

3) 6 Gal. Portable Electric 150 psi Oil-free Pancake Air Compressor

6 Gal. Portable Electric 150 psi Oil-free Pancake Air Compressor

This is a compressor that perfectly fulfills everything it promises, having a much smaller appearance than in previous models and being a very silent product. It has a weight of only8 kilos, with the disadvantage that it does not have wheels to move it from one side to another. However, you can carry this product easily since the dimension is quite compact.

The maintenance is also minimum since it is oil-less pump. It supports the pressure of up to 150 psi and having the boiler capacity of 6 Gal. Since it has only 2 HP 120-Volt motor, you can use this tool for small household task only.

The key features of this compressor is that, it has better pressure capacity than the first Aavix compressor we discuss, but it has 3 times smaller boiler then the second one.

Choosing the Best Aavix Air Compressors

All Aavix air compressor we have discussed have its own advantages and disadvantages. In short, if you want air compressor with more tank capacity, even though it allows you to do longer air compressing tasks, the tank will be bigger and less portable. Choosing a more compact compressor is the solution if you want to save more space in your home.

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