3 Common Stalwart Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

stalwart air compressor problems
stalwart air compressor problems

While there are tons of big air compressors out there in the market that are used for tons of applications, there are also some best portable air compressors to fulfill your handheld needs. Stalwart Air Compressors are the right choice for you that you can use for inflating footballs, inflating tires, using them for all sorts of air tools, and a lot more. This way, you will never be stuck in a tight corner and you can get out of these tough situations pretty easily with Stalwart Air Compressors.

Stalwart Air Compressor Problems

There are not many problems that you will have to face with these air compressors that you get from Stalwart. They can get the job done pretty conveniently and you might seldom be left stuck in any tough situations.

Like all the other gadgets, there are also some common problems that you might have to deal with but they will not cause you much mess. A few common problems and their solutions that you might have to face on these Stalwart air compressors are:

1) Won’t Charge

One of the most common problems that you might have to face on these air compressors is that they won’t charge. That is simply an electric problem, and there is not much diagnosis and troubleshooting that you will have to do.

First of all, you will need to check on the wall outlet in order to ensure that the wall outlet is working fine and that it is on. It would be better for you to connect some other appliance on the same wall outlet and that is going to help you out perfectly in solving the problem. You also need to check on the charger and make sure that it is connected to the charging port in the right order and that it is plugged in correctly.

After that, there is another problem with the batteries, that might cause you to face the problem. The baseline is that the batteries might have gone bad, or there are issues with them because they were laid down for extended periods without being in use. So, you will have to make sure that you charge the batteries at least two times a month, even if the air compressor is not being used and that is going to help you out in avoiding such problems optimally.

2) Pressure not building

Another common problem that you might have to face on the air compressor is that it will be working, but the pressure might not be building as it is supposed to. This is quite troublesome and obviously something that you would never like to have coupled with a flat tire.

The problem is most commonly caused due to low charge on the batteries. You will have to make sure that you charge the batteries to full, each time you are traveling long distance or planning to go off-road. That is going to ensure that you have the right backup whenever needed and you will not have to face inconveniences with the air compressor later.

Another thing that might be causing you to face this problem is the fact that these nozzles are sensitive and the air compressor will only work to build pressure if the nozzle on your air compressor is fit tightly. So, take that off once and then plug it back on the hose securely. This will ensure that you get the right pressure of air to fill in a tire or some ball.

3) Leakages

There are also certain leakages that you will have to deal with, and that will cause your air compressor to not work optimally as you might like it to work. The pipes on these air compressors are relatively smaller and sensitive and you will have to handle them with care.

If there is some leakage on the pipe, hose, or nozzle of your Air Compressor. It would be better to change the pipe and the nozzle itself and that is going to help you out in solving the problem for good. Just make sure that you are getting the accessories from Stalwart and that is going to help you out perfectly in solving the leakage issue that you are having.

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