3 Common Smittybilt Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

smittybilt air compressor problems
smittybilt air compressor problems

Air Compressors are in use for a ton of applications and they are all not the same. Some of these air compressors are better than the others and you cannot get enough of them. Smittybilt is one such brand that makes outstanding air compressors to be used on for cars and trucks as tire inflators.

These air compressors are handheld and you can easily charge them or use the 12-volt cigarette lighter plug on your vehicle to power them up. There are not many problems on them, but a few common issues that you might have to face and their solutions are:

Smittybilt Air Compressor Problems

1) Won’t Turn On

First of all, if the air compressor is not turning on, that might be causing you to have the trouble that you don’t want as the tire will not inflate. If you are running it on the batteries, the batteries might not be charged. Make sure that you are getting the batteries charged whenever you are leaving the home and that will help you avoid this kind of problem.

However, if you are using the 12-volt cigarette lighter port, you will have to check on the port and plug properly to ensure that there are no issues on that part. You might have to rotate the plug a bit and that is going to help you out in getting out of the situation. If you are using those cables that are connected on the battery directly, you will need to plug those clips on tightly and make sure that you are using them on the right terminals. That will help you out in getting the air compressor going on in a pretty manner.

2) Leakage on the Clip

There are some instances that you might have on the pipe and the clip that might cause you to have these leakages. The leakages on the clip are mostly caused if you haven’t plugged it on the nozzle properly. If you are facing these problems on the clip and the air is leaking, it will not be inflating your tire. To fix such problems, it would be better to take off the clip once and then plug it back on tightly. This is going to help you out in making it work in the perfect manner and you will not be having the air leak out from the nozzle that is supposed to go in the tire for inflating it.

3) Incompatibility

At times, you take out the air compressor and you realize that the clip on the air compressor is not compatible with the nozzle that you have on the tire. It is better to check it first and make sure that you are carrying the right nozzles and clip with you that you can use with your air compressor from Smittybilt and the tires that you have on your vehicle. This way, you will be able to make it work in the perfect manner and you will not be stuck on the roadside if it ever comes to that.

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