Paasche D500 Air Compressor Review

paasche d500 air compressor review
paasche d500 air compressor review

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Airbrushes are tools that can be used by creators to paint different types of surfaces. These are usually used by painters for their work. Having to paint a really big project can take a lot of time and effort if you do it with a brush. This is why these airbrushes are so important. Although, these require their users to have an air compressor.

The pressurized air from these compressors helps the airbrush break down the paint into small droplets. This process is known as atomization and can help you in coating this project on any surface that you want to. The Paasche D500 air compressor is one of the most recommended devices for this. You might be confused about purchasing it, considering this we will be using this article to provide you with a review of the Paasche D500 air compressor.

Paasche D500 Air Compressor Review

The Paasche D500 air compressor is designed to be used by artists or people who want to paint on their projects. Keeping this in mind, the product is rated to deliver a maximum of 35 PSI. While this might sound low to you, it is perfect when it comes to using it for these projects. On top of this, you can change the rating on it by equipping the air compressor with another brush.

Users can purchase a complete kit of brushes along with the compressor which can then be used to alter the pressure coming from the device. The brushes can be switched easily without any trouble and you can even test these out to find which ones you are comfortable with. The product produces a maximum of 47 Db’s which can be ignored easily. Additionally, the air compressor is light which allows users to easily move it around. Aside from this, another great thing about this product is its auto shut-off feature.

This switches off the compressor in the device when you are not using any airbrush. This saves the overall life expectancy for the compressor and ensures that it will last you a long time. The product even comes with a hose that you can use. If you are interested in using any competitor hoses then the air compressor also contains an adapter that you can plug on it. This allows for an additional range of hoses and paintbrushes to be equipped on it.

How Long Can You Use It?

The first question that comes to mind for most artists is how long the compressor can work in a single day. The company suggests that people can use this air compressor for 4 hours straight on a single day. Moreover, you can use it every single day all around the year. Most people using this device have also reported that the compressor works without any problems for a consistent 4 hours. This is usually enough time to work on your projects. You can even confirm this by checking all the positive reviews this product has received. Most people using it have gotten no problems with it.

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