Outbac Air Compressor Ordinary Problems & Solutions

Outbac Air Compressor Problems
Outbac Air Compressor Problems

Air compressors are used on a daily basis in many different areas of fields and industries. They come in different, sizes, shapes, functionality and etc. The market is filled with several types of air compressors. Many brands have launched their own lines of air compressors. Since they have the same mechanism, it can get quite confusing when it comes to choosing just one. It’s important to remember; every machine will start breaking down one day and eventually stop working.

An Outbac air compressor is very popular for its high performance and portability. They’ve been famous for their ultra-portability and fast compression. But just like other regular air compressors, they tend to face problems due to overuse.

Thanks to the Outbac air compressor, the pressure build-up is so fast and efficient. It is used in heavy workload situations as well. In a short period of time, it has the ability to pump air into a heavy tyre under a minute. The components and parts that make the Outbac compressor are reliable and durable but in case of some common issues faced by people; you receive a 12-month warranty as well.

Outbac Air Compressor Problems

Some of the most common Outbac air compressor issues are:

The compressor might be unable to operate

If the compressor fails to start, the leading causes could be that the electricity isn’t passing through or the oil levels might be too low, or the temperature could be too high and the pressure build-up doesn’t reach the minimum cut-out pressure. The low oil levels and high temperatures can push the pressure switch to stop working.

The compressor makes a lot of noise

Noise can be caused by the valve knocking the piston, low oil levels, loose bolts, belts, connections, and pulleys. Make sure all parts are tightened up, and the oil level is maintained. Reassemble the cylinder head to steer clear of the noise.

Oil carryover or maximum oil consumption

Excessive consumption of oil can be caused by oil leaks, minimum air intake, and broken down piston rings. Make sure you replace the air filter and clean it every now and then. Double-check there are no damaged parts and loose rings or connections.

The compressor vibrates a lot

Loose components are the leading reason for excessive vibration. Make sure no bolt or belt is left loose and every component is leveled and tightened. Check if the compressor and the piston are aligned perfectly as well.

The pressure build-up is too quick

If the buildup of pressure is fast, make sure there is no unnecessary water drained in the receiver. Drain out the excess water from the tank and monitor the speed.

Slow pressure buildup

Slow pressure buildup can be caused by low speed, unclean filter, loose connections and bolts, unleveled gasket, and worn off valves. Replace the air filter every now and then and clean it on a regular basis. Replacing the valves and gasket will increase the compressor’s performance as well.

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