3 Common Milwaukee Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

Milwaukee air compressor problem
Milwaukee air compressor problem

Milwaukee Air Compressors might sound like a local name for you, but it is not. It is actually one of the most major air compressors manufacturers in the US and pretty good at it. It might not be wrong to call it one of the most premium Air Compressors manufacturing brands working in the US with the right durability, reliability, and efficiency of all the air compressors that you might get from them. They are making some of the best air compressors with digital and analog controls on them. This makes it easier to use for you and you will have the best edge of having some air compressors that you can rely upon.

While the build quality that you can get on these air compressors is fantastic and there are optimally no major issues that you can find on them. There might be some slight catch that you have to face and they can cause you to have inconveniences. Some of the major problems that one might have to face with Milwaukee air compressors and their solutions are:

Milwaukee Air Compressor Problem:

1. Digital Gauge Malfunction

Some of these air compressors that you can get from Milwaukee Air Compressors come with a digital screen on them that shows you the pressure rating and more. This allows you to have a better idea about what pressure your air compressor is building and you can operate it in the right manner. This feature comes in handy especially when you are inflating the tires or dealing with some other pressure critical materials.

If you are getting some issue with the digital gauge like it is not turning on, showing the wrong pressure, or having some error on it. You don’t have to do much in such cases. You will only have to take off the cable and let the air compressor rest for a minute or two. After that, plug it again in the electric switch and that is going to fix up the problem for you.

Another possible reason that might be causing you to face this problem is the vacuum inside the tank. To fix that problem, you will need to drain the tank and after that fill the air tank again. This is going to help you solve the problem and if you are having the pressure fluctuation on the digital gauge that is going to be fixed as well and you will not have to deal with the issue again.

2. Leakage

One of the most convenient features of these air compressors that you get from Milwaukee Air Compressors is the nozzle on them. It looks pretty convenient and portable and the whole dynamics of these air compressors come from the idea of better looking and better performing.

With these air compressors, you get a nozzle coming out that you will need to plug the pipe on. If there is some leakage, that is most of the time on this nozzle or the pipe that is attached with them.

Keep an ear on the hissing sounds, and trace the location of it. This will help you in finding the perfect location for the air leakage in the right manner. If the leakage is on the pipe or the connector on it, then the fix will be easier for you, and you can get it replaced. If the nozzle on the air compressor is leaking, it is pretty easy to detach by unscrewing it and you can get a replacement from Milwaukee.

3. Electrical Issues

There might be some electrical issues on the air compressor as well and they are hard to diagnose. The whole thing is designed as a closed box and it would not be easy for you to open up and diagnose what is wrong.

So, if you are having some electrical issues and the Air Compressor is not turning on for some reason, it would be better to get it diagnosed at an authorized service center and they will be able to look into the problem effectively for you. Make sure that you don’t get it opened by some unauthorized technician as that will not only void your warranty but it is also going to be dangerous for you in the longer run.

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