3 Common Kaeser Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

kaeser air compressor problems
kaeser air compressor problems

Air Compressors are not only used for small domestic and commercial applications and needs, but there is a lot more to them. Air compressors have become a right necessity for tons of commercial and industrial applications. Whether you are looking to get something done on the industrial assembly line or the HVAC for bigger buildings, you are going to need these air compressors. Kaesar is your go-to brand for all different sorts of air compressors including those medium-sized commercial air compressors and large-scale industrial air compressors.

Kaesar makes the best of them and no matter what sort of needs you might have, they got you covered with the perfect durability, right efficiency and everything like that. You will never have to worry about these Kaesar air compressors breaking out on you. There are not many problems that you will have to face on these air compressors either. However, a few things that you might need to be careful about and know in advance if you are looking to get the Kaesar air compressors or already have them are:

Kaeser Air Compressor Problems

1) Wiring Problems

Well, it goes without saying that you need to have the best possible wiring for the circuit that you are running. You will have to make sure that you are making it work in the right order and not getting anything messed up. Especially when you are dealing with something this sensitive like an air compressor, you cannot get that wiring pat wrong. You should be ensuring that you get the right wiring.

Substandard wiring might cause you to have different issues like not supplying the right current, getting overheated and causing some short circuit on not only the wiring but the air compressor itself. If you are facing any of these problems, you will have to make sure that you are getting it fixed in the right manner. You should get all the wiring checked and then ensure to get it replaced. You will need to get the right cables to make the wiring work and then take care of all the fuses and circuit breakers as well. You will need to make sure that you are using the right voltage stabilizer on these air compressors as well. Anything like a minor voltage fluctuation can cost you dearly and you will never want to have something like that ruin your experience with these air compressors.

2) Overheating

With such immense power that you get on these air compressors from the Kaesar, you can expect to have some overheating issues as well. These overheating problems are mostly caused if the heat-dissipating system on these air compressors is blocked due to some dust on it, or it might be in a room with no ventilation.

If you want to avoid all these problems, you will need to ensure that you clean the air inlet and heat dissipation parts regularly and ensure that they are not clogged or stuck due to any sort of debris on them. You will also need to ensure that you have installed these air compressors at a place where they are away from direct sunlight and ventilated properly. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have these air compressors installed on controlled temperature to ensure that they are running at full efficiency. This way, you can avoid having overheating problems and keep your air compressors safe from any sorts of issues and problems that you might be having due to the overheating.

3) Noise Problems

You might also have to face some serious noise problems on these air compressors. You should understand that with such large motor running and an air compressor of this capacity, you cannot expect to run it silently. There are some operational sounds but they are pretty much well covered by the Kaesar and it offers quite silent operation.

However, if you are feeling that the noise might be increasing, you will have to check on the bolts first and tightening them will solve the problem for good. Noise can also be an early sign of oil change and you will need to follow the oil change schedule religiously if you want to make it work and make sure that you keep getting the noiseless operation on your Kaesar air compressors.

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Shehroz asghar
2 years ago

i am employ in nishat chunia pvt ltd . i have an issue about kaeser compressor the problem is that i am facing the problem of pressure in 37kw COMPRESSOR it automatically offloaded and showing the indication off no pressure build up indication kindly tell me about that reason why this problem happens (Thanks)