Is the Air Compressor Hose Universal? Can It Be Used For Propane?

Is Air Compressor Hose Universal? Can It Be Used For Propane?
Is Air Compressor Hose Universal? Can It Be Used For Propane?

A quality air compressor hose can be used for a variety of purposes. The role of an air compressor hose is to make sure that stable air pressure is maintained along with a tight seal. It needs to be capable of maintaining consistent power output, as well. Various types of air compressor hoses are available on the market, and the type of air hose you select influences the use that it can be put to.

The material of air compressor hose

The flexibility and versatility of the air compressor hose depend on the material that it is made from. This material also influences the longevity and functionality of the hose.

1. PVC

This is quite a common material used to manufacture the air compressor hose. However, the problem is that it tends to coil and kink. At the same time, transporting it is quite easy owing to its lightweight. The material fails to provide satisfactory performance in cold temperature and is suitable for medium-duty usage.

This material is usually preferred in those applications wherein a lightweight is desired. All in all, PVC air compressor hoses prove to be quite affordable and worth their money for the most part.

2. Rubber

This is a naturally abrasion-resistant material. It is capable of lying flat, and you do not have to worry about kinking if the hose is made from rubber. However, the problem with rubber air compressor hoses is that they are quite heavy. Therefore, handling them might be difficult for some.

They offer average performance in cold weather. Rubber hoses are ideal for heavy-duty use. They are the best for industrial and agricultural settings, and you will find them to be quite a suitable option for home settings as well.

3. Polyurethane

Are you wondering whether air compressor hose can be used for propane? If this is what you want to find out, you will be pleased to know that polyurethane hoses have the feature that you are looking for. Although these hoses are not very flexible, they make for the best recoil hoses.

Keep in mind that they can be vulnerable to some solvents. However, you can use propane with the hose easily. They are light in weight and quite easy to transport as well. Polyurethane hoses are capable of withstanding cold temperatures. The material is durable and hard-wearing. Thus, it is quite suitable for high-pressure applications. To summarize, you will find polyurethane air compressor hoses to be of impressive value.

Final words

Air compressor hose can indeed be universal if you select the right type. Therefore, while choosing the material of the air compressor hose that you want to buy, make sure that you pay heed to the usage that you have in mind.

This will make sure that you select the air hose, which is suitable for the application. For instance, choosing a PVC hose would not be the best idea if you want to use it in some cold climatic conditions. Therefore, paying attention to the relevant factors is of utmost importance.


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