3 Common Craftsman Air Compressor Problems (Troubleshooting)

craftsman air compressor problems
craftsman air compressor problems

There are tons of brands in the market, for these air compressors that are being used for different sorts of applications. These brands might all look the same for you, but there are key differences in engineering, and there are plenty of differences in them that you must know before making a purchase decision for yourself. This goes for all sorts of air compressors and you need to conduct thorough research before you purchase one.

Craftsman Air Compressor Problems

Craftsman is one such brand of air compressors that are making small to medium-sized air compressors. These air compressors are being used for pressure washers, tire inflaters, leaves blowers, and tons of other commercial applications. These air compressors are great at working and there are not many issues that you will have to face if you chose to get one of these for you. However, there are some common problems that you might come across on these air compressors. Here are the common problems and their solutions that you must know.

1) Pressure Valve Leakage

There are certain things that you will have to take care of on these air compressors and pressure valve is top of the list. These air compressors come with an analog pressure valve that is screwed on the top of the tank and controls the pressure inside the tank. It also lets you know what air pressure you have inside the tank or the pressure going out on the tank through the hose.

It needs to be stable at a point, or there might be some issue like leakage on it. To diagnose the problem, you will need to watch for some hissing sounds and that is the indicator of a leak on your vale. You will need to unscrew the pressure valve and make sure that there are no dust particles on it. After that, inspect the pressure valve carefully and check the rubber parts inside the valve. There might be some issues there and they can cause leakage. You will have to clean the valve and make sure that there are no dust particles on it. After that, screw it back securely and then check it once. The leakage will most likely be gone and there will be no problems that you will have to face.

Although, there are some chances that the pressure valve might have gone permanently banned, and it will not be fixed with some cleaning. You will have to ensure that you replace the valve and that will help you in fixing up the problem for good.

2) Not Turning On

Another common problem that you might face on these air compressors that you can get from Craftsman is that they might not turn on at all. That is something serious and you will be stuck without an air compressor.

To start diagnosis on this problem, you will have to check the voltages on your circuit closely. If you see there are voltage fluctuations, or it might not be the right that is needed to make it work. So, you will have to get a voltage stabilizer that would be stabilizing the current supply and your air compressor will turn on without any issues.

There might be some other issues like a blown circuit breaker or sometimes a blown fuse that might be causing you to have this problem. You will need to get your circuits and all the electric parts checked on your air compressor and that will sort the problem for you for good. It is recommended to always use a voltage stabilizer with these air compressors to avoid such problems in the first place.

3) Buzzing Sounds

Craftsman makes some of the best air compressors and their motors run pretty soundlessly. Also, there are not many problems with the motor most of the time so you will not have to deal with much noise. If you are getting these buzzing sounds on the air compressor, they can be caused due to loose nuts, bolts, or multiple other factors like that. You will have to ensure that you check on that thoroughly and tighten all the nuts and bolts that might be connected to your air compressor. This way, you will be able to get rid of the buzzing sounds on your craftsman air compressor.

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