3 Best Paasche Air Compressor Reviews 2022

Best Paasche Air Compressors

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Best Paasche Air Compressors

The Paasche air compressors are portable and reliable air compressors designed with the most sought after features contractors need. This brand of air compressors has gained popularity in the market because they mostly have silent engines. The demand for silent engines in air compressors is attributed to the convenience for contractors who need to work with the air compressors without causing noise pollution.

It is easy to make a choice when shopping for the Paasche air compressors because they are all good, however, you can consider the following points to buy a model that meets your needs. These portable air compressors can be easily carried around, so they are adequate for the operation of air tools. However, it is best to buy one of the models with legs that have suction cups. The suction cups hold the air compressor firmly in position; it reduces vibration and prevents the unit from moving away from its position while the air compressor is in use.

Also, you should confirm that the air compressor has a strong handle. Portable air compressors are often carried around a project site. A strong handle will make it much easier to carry the air compressor unit from one location to another. Another factor to consider is the air pressure output. If you know the capacity of the air tools you plan to use, it will be easy to buy an air compressor that can produce enough air pressure to operate your air tools.

Here are the Paasche air compressors you will find online;

3 Best Paasche Air Compressor Reviews

1) Paasche D3000R Air Compressor

This is one of the simple air compressors with the essential features and specifications needed to perform tasks such as painting, airbrushing, fastening, and inflating things such as balloons, or car tyres. The air compressor has a silent engine that emits only 47 decibels, which makes it a good choice for private or commercial use. The air tank in this unit features a quick drain valve that is used to release water formed due to condensation in the tank. The moisture trap positioned by the pump helps to improve the performance of the unit by eliminating moisture from the output.

The air pump in this compressor unit is oil-free. It requires minimal maintenance over time which is cost-effective for the owner. Also, the air pump works with a 1.5 HP motor that improves its performance, this air compressor can generate an air pressure output up to 50 PSI, which is adequate for the operation of different air tools. The suction legs at the base make it easy to work effectively with this air compressor without much vibration, it also features a universal coupler valve and a high-flow regulator switch. This is an electrically powered air compressor, it comes with a fixed extension cord and different adapters for the air hose nozzles. It is a portable and reliable air compressor with good features for versatile functions.

2) Paasche D500SR Air Compressor

This portable air compressor weighs only 8.4 pounds; it features suction legs that help to keep the unit stable when it is in use and a strong handle for easy carriage. The air compressor engine is rated at 1.5 HP; it features a piston-powered air compressor that generates as much as 40 PSI. The air tank in this compressor unit can hold one gallon, which is sufficient for the operation of air tools for airbrushing, painting, bolting, and other similar tasks. The air pump is oil-free, and it is easy to maintain.

This is one of the portable air compressors with safety features such as an analogue gauge, which is used to monitor the air pressure output, a moisture trap that improves the unit’s performance and an auto-shutoff feature which is activated when there is a risk of thermal overload or short circuit. The silent engine emits only 47 decibels, which makes it convenient to use this air compressor in residential areas or project sites where mechanical sound is prohibited. The air compressor is electrically powered, it has a fixed extension cord and the power switch is conveniently located on the air tank for easy access.

3) Paasche Airbrush DC850R Compressor

The air pump in this compressor unit has been particularly enhanced to optimise its functions for airbrushing. However, the air compressor produces sufficient output that can also be used to operate other air tools for tasks such as painting, fastening, or pressure pumps. The engine is oil-free; this is a good feature because it lowers the costs of maintenance. Air tools that require 1.5 CFM can be conveniently used with this air compressor because it produces a steady output of 90 PSI. Also, at 2.4 CFM, the unit produces an output of 40 PSI.

The engine in this unit has a ¾ HP capacity; it also features dual pistons which improve the performance of the air pump. This is also one of the air compressors with a moisture trap; this device is fitted along the supply line to eliminate moisture from the air pressure generated. At the base of this air compressor are four suction legs which make it easy to use the air compressor unit indoors without experiencing much vibration. Also, the silent engine in this unit emits only 58 decibels, which makes it adequate for projects in residential areas. Contractors who need a reliable and powerful air compressor with a silent engine will be happy with this model.

Choosing the Best Paasche Air Compressors

If you are interested in buying an air compressor that will not be too expensive to maintain, you should consider the oil-free air compressor models. The air pumps in such air compressors function effectively without oil in the system. This eliminates the need for frequent oil change.

Also, it will be best if you look for a model with automated safety features such as the auto-shutdown functions. These features are helpful because they protect the system from damage when something goes wrong without your notice. The air compressors with dual pistons can perform at an optimal capacity even when you need to use the unit for long hours. It will be great if you consider this aspect when making a buying decision.

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