2 Best Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Reviews 2022

Best Central Pneumatic Air Compressors

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Best Central Pneumatic Air Compressors

The central pneumatic air compressors are generally recognised as portable air compressors with features that put them in the heavy-duty category. These air compressors have versatile features, which is one of the factors considered by people interested in making a purchase. The central pneumatic air compressors feature average sized air tanks that can hold enough air to last for a few hours; this makes the units a good choice for contractors who plan to work with portable air tools. Also the Central Pneumatic air compressor brand is perfect for inflating tyres on agricultural or personal use vehicles, and balloons.

Here are some helpful tips that should be considered before making a purchase.

The air tanks in compressors can determine how fast and effectively you can work with the air compressor. Thermally stable air tanks are safer and more reliable. You should also buy an air compressor that has an air tank with a capacity suitable for the type of work you do. The air tanks in central pneumatic air compressors have different capacities so you can decide on the best model.

Also, you can work faster with an air compressor that has a universal coupler valve. These models make it possible to attach o air tools which may have different nozzles. The advantage of using a central pneumatic air compressor with universal coupler valves is that it helps you work faster and effectively with different air tools to get the best results. The coupler valves on central pneumatic air compressors are made from steel, which makes them durable.

The following review focuses on two central pneumatic air compressors sold online.

2 Best Central Pneumatic Air Compressor Reviews

1) Central Pneumatic Air Compressor

This portable air compressor designed by the central pneumatic brand weighs only 21 pounds. It is a good choice for commercial or private use. The lightweight puts this air compressor in the hand-carry category. It can be easily moved from one project site to another by carrying it with the strong rubber padded handle attached to the frame. This air compressor features a pancake air tank that can hold a maximum of 3 gallons. The pancake air tank also helps to keep the unit stable and reduces vibrations when the engine is running. The air tank in this model has been tested for thermal stability; it is made from cast iron. Also, there is a quick rain valve at the base of the air tank, which is used to remove water formed inside the air tank.

At the base of this air compressor are three rubber-padded legs that keep the unit in a stationary position while it is in use. The air pump in this compressor model is oil-free. The advantage of an oil-free air pump is that it requires minimal maintenance. The air pump in this central pneumatic compressor model can deliver a maximum air pressure output of 100 PSI, and at 0.6 CFM, this air compressor produces a consistent air pressure of 90 PSI, which makes it adequate for the operation of different air tools.

The engine starts with a 1.3 HP induction motor that has a low amp draw only 2.6 amps and a voltage rating of 120 V. This is also one of the air compressor models with thermal overload protection. The entire air pump unit is encased in a plastic cover that protects it from damage and reduces the engine sound. On the control panel, there are two analogue air pressure gauges, the universal coupler valve, and a high-flow regulator switch. The air hose that comes with this unit measures 25 feet, which is very convenient for all users.

2) Central Pneumatic Belt Drive Air Compressor

The ergonomic design of this air compressor makes it suitable for private and commercial use. This is one of the heavy-duty portable air compressors designed by the Central Pneumatic brand for tasks that involve the use of air tools and also inflating tyres, toys or balloons. The air tank in this model can hold 8 gallons at its maximum capacity. It is a solidly built air tank, thermally stable and safe. This air compressor weighs 64.5 pounds; however, it can be easily moved from one location to another because it has two sturdy wheels and a strong handle. While it is in use, the air compressor remains in a stationary position because there are two rubber-padded legs at the base.

The air pump in this compressor unit is oil-lubricated. It features a belt-drive system and two cylinders made from cast iron. There is an oil-sight glass to help prevent oil shortage and engine damage. The air pump can deliver a maximum air pressure output of 125 PSI at 3360 RPM; it works with a 2 HP induction motor that supports thermal overload protection. The motor in this unit has a voltage rating of 120V and a low amp draw that makes it easy to start the air compressor in cold weather.

This air compressor has a silent engine that emits only 88 decibels when the unit is in use. The control features of this air compressor include an analogue air pressure gauge, universal coupler valves, and the high-flow regulator switch. The belt-drive system and air pump are encased in a sturdy plastic cover for protection against damage. This model comes with a 6-foot long extension cord and air hose.

Choosing the Best Central Pneumatic Air Compressors

It is a good idea to buy an air compressor that has thermal overload protection. Working with air compressors can be immersive, and there is no way to monitor the thermal state of the system. This is why good air compressors come with thermally stable air tanks. However, the thermal overload protection function prevents the engine from damage due to excessive heat.

Also, air compressors with accessories such as long extension cords that measure up to 5 feet and air hoses that measure up to 25 feet are more convenient to use. These long accessories make it easy for a user to work on a project site without moving the air compressor very often.

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