Air Compressor vs. Leaf Blower: What’s the Difference?

Air Compressor vs. Leaf Blower: What's the Difference?
Air Compressor vs. Leaf Blower: What’s the Difference?

Air Compressor vs. Leaf Blower

Air compressors and leaf blowers are devices that are widely used in many different fields. The processes and functions they carry have a lot to do with an air system. Both of these machines are used for different applications and purposes.

An air compressor is a machine that uses the power from the electrical motor to convert it into energy found in compressed air. The air compressor mainly focuses on reducing the volume of gas by increasing pressure. A leaf blower, on the other hand, is a device that moves and regulates the air in a certain direction. In simple words, a leaf blower is basically used to blow out air against the grass and leaves.

Any machine that practically functions with air also involves pressure, but although they both almost have the same mechanism, they both are different in their own ways. The way they move gas and the overall pressure system are the 2 main differences between an air compressor and a leaf blower. One of the biggest factors that differentiate the two is the pressure ratio of each of the devices. The basic difference between the two would be the pressure at which they compress air. While an air compressor is designed to produce high pressure at low volume which means it operates at high pressure to volume ratio, a leaf blower creates low pressure at high volume, it operates perfectly at low pressure to volume ratio.

Blowers are designed to operate in such a way where they can produce a huge volume of air at minimum pressure by simply displacing the air from the inside to the discharge side of the blower. This means the air or gas isn’t compressed internally, it is simply moved in a different location which pushes the air in a certain direction.

An air compressor, on the other hand, compresses gas or air into a tiny space which reduces the volume and increases the pressure which actually makes the air denser than usual.

Another major difference between an air compressor and a leaf blower is the specific ratio of the machine. The specific ratio is the ratio of the outlet pressure against the inlet pressure. A blower has a specific ratio that lies between 1.2-1.3, whereas for the air compressor the specific ration falls in the range of 4-7.

A leaf blower is responsible for shifting the direction of the air when it’s being forced. The blower simply does this by making changes to the angles of the blade in the blower. An air compressor compresses air or gas at a high flow rate as it’s pushed by a shaft.

Leaf blowers have a pressure that lies between 0.8-3 bars. Compressors have a pressure that goes above 3 bars.

They both have different applications like leaf blowers are responsible for blowing air out against leaves, air compressors can be used to power transportation and refrigeration.


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