Speedaire Air Compressors

Speedaire air compressors are sold by a very large industrial distribution company in the United States known as Grainger.

Over the years the Grainger name has become synonymous with entry level up to high-quality industrial level tools, monitoring equipment, ancillary equipment, and air compressors.

The Speedaire brand of air compressor is Grainger’s own house brand.

An image of one of their larger Speedaire air compressors follows.

Speedaire air compressor - www.air-compressor-help.com
Image: http://www.grainger.com

Grainger’s range of Speedaire Air Compressors

Under the Speedaire air compressor brand, Grainger currently offers portable air compressors in the range of .33 CFM up to about 10 CFM.

Their stationary electric compressor line ranges up to about 100 CFM of air delivery at 90 PSI, with a range of tank and motor sizes.

Grainger also supplies under the Speedaire brand a full line of replacement compressor pumps and a variety of gasoline powered portable and stationary compressors.

Like many companies that sell air compressors any more, Grainger does not make their own air compressors. While not privy to the actual process, we expect that periodically Grainger reaches out to the compressor manufacturing community – and many of these firms are in the Orient (or have their compressor components manufactured there) – and gets them to bid on a job lot of XX-model of air compressor.

That means that your Speedaire Air Compressor model YYY that you purchased a few years ago, may not have the same manufacturer as the model YYY that’s available from Grainger today, even though it’s the same exact model number and overall appearance.

Speedaire Air Compressors Parts & Maintenance

Unlike many of the big box stores that sell various brands of air compressors, Grainger actually supports their brand.

You must understand however that they have been selling Speedaire brand compressors for decades, and no company, regardless of how big they are, stocks parts and service information for products sold 10 – 15 or even 20 years before.

Having said that, the first place to go for replacement parts and service information on Speedaire air compressors is Grainger themselves. We find their website, since it encompasses so many products, a bit hard to navigate, but do feel free to try.


As far as we are concerned though, if we need parts for a Speedaire air compressor, we will call them.

Need Help Finding Replacement Parts?

  • Call 1-800-Grainger
    24 Hours a Day,
    7 Days a Week.

Make sure you have all the information needed to help them help you. Your Speedaire compressor model number will be the minimum, and you probably want to have the serial number of your compressor handy when you call Grainger as well.

More help with Speedaire compressor information

If Grainger cannot help you with getting parts for your older Speedaire air compressor, post a request on this page using the comment form below. It would be very useful too if you would upload a photo of your compressor. This will help others help you when you are trying to find parts or service for your Speedaire air compressor.

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Mike Hunter
1 year ago

Hi, looking for a model number on my 1cylinder 2 hp speedaire compressor, blew up the run cap. and need a model number for proper replacement, serial number is there but grainger couldn’t find any info using it so gotta find the model number, it’s a large horizontal tank (50ish gallon) with the motor etc. mounted on top, any ideas as to where it might be?? Thanks.

Dean Davis
1 year ago

Hey Folks, I could use some help identifying a vintage Speedaire air compressor I just acquired. There are NO identification numbers on the machine other than a couple of casting marks. It currently has a 1 hp dayton motor on it, but I don’t believe it is the original motor because the peckerhead was removed from the motor in order for it to fit. I need to identify the model to try to locate a manual as well as parts. The compressor pumps air but doesn’t build up any pressure. Thanks!

Floyd Sparkman
4 years ago

I Have a speedair in line 2 stage 5HP. It had a bad piston in also had a Campbell Hausfield v-twin that had 1 rod broken through the side of the block. The large pistons And rids of both compressors looked the same so I contacted campbell and asked about interchange. The lady helping me said that all compressors at the time where made by 2 manufacturers and yes they will interchange. And she gave me the campbell Interchange model number For the speedair. So i dont bother with paying more for speedair parts when i can buy campbell a… Read more »

Hector Guzman
4 years ago

I have a 60 gallon stationary air compressor align the pulley and still break the belt ran for two days

4 years ago

This is the 3z929 of my previous comment. Maybe its only 6 gal, the pancake pc its next to is 6 gal tho.

4 years ago

Have a speedaire 3z929, looks like about a 10 gallon tank I guess, tank is missing sticker so wondering how many psi its good for. Regulator threw sparks and the am thinking about pulling that apart to see whats what, but it was only giving me 40 psi before it diEd. cant find specs for this model, does anyone Have or know? Thanks!

4 years ago

Have a speedaire compressor which just “hums”

Does anyone know of a repair company in the riverside area?

4 years ago

I need an operators manual on 4tw29. Old model number 4yn50.

5 years ago

I need to order speedier compressor cable s for model number 2MLW5 2HP/4 GALLON AIR COMPRESSOR. please let me know how can I order this.

5 years ago

I need a rebuild kit/filter, for a;
“Speedair #4z0294a” ( AirComp. Reg./filter). Also a owner manual/doc’s. Where does one access “Discontinued Product Info.” ?

5 years ago

What is the model number for replacement air switch for speedaire 4B234B

5 years ago

I have a speedaire 5z404 and the small safety valve (75psi) keeps popping open I am assuming air is leaking from the high pressure piston to the low pressure. Any idea what part would most likely need to be replaced?

5 years ago

Hi, I bought a 5hp Speedair air compressor with missing capacitor and I have the details of the motor down there.
Could you please help me to find the right capacitor for that.
Thank you
Motor: Doerr LR 13758 HP:5 RPM:1740 VOLTAGE:230 TYP:T

Donald johns
5 years ago

I was wondering if anyone has a manual for a speedaire m/n 2z157B or Know where I can aquire one. Thank you

Craig Gardo
5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Stanton

Thank you. I looked . Which one is it? My unit has a sheave for 2 belts. I called grainger and customer service could not determine which one is a double sheave.

Craig Gardo
5 years ago

I have a speedaire model 4nb86. I need the pully wheel that mounts to engine.

5 years ago

I have a Speedaire 5Z185A and just need to know the CFM.

5 years ago

Hi I found this Speedaire 5z598c at an estate sale. Never really been used. It fires up and fills to 120psi rather quickly then the motor stops and a burst of air comes out until it hits 90psi, then the air stops coming out, the motor kicks back on and fills to 120psi and does the same thing again….over and over any ideas?

5 years ago

I need to get the speedaire compressor’s air flow capacity.

Model : 1Z784
HP: 5
Phase: 3
Stage: 2

Lawrence tool and molding
5 years ago

I need to replace my speedaire air compressor. My compressor is a 5F566C, I see in your catalogue that you have a 5F566. what is the difference???
Please let me know ASAP.
Thank you
Lloyd Lawrence

Richard Schnarr
5 years ago

I need a new pump for my speedaire compressor SZ702D model # for compressor pump #LPS030A

5 years ago

Good day, i have a speedaire compressor gas powered, starts and runs like a champ, only thing is the tank doesn’t seem to fill! Ive checked the release valve its closed, belts tight, & even get a small amount of air when hose is connected (5-10psi) any suggestions on what it could be?

Bill Mcclure
5 years ago

I have what I think is a late 70’s or 80’s 20gal.(horizontal) speedaire compressor. I bought it at a car show got it home and plugged it in. It ran for a bit but then got hot and started to knock pretty bad. So with that said I need to rebuild the pump, funny thing about it is that there is no id info anywhere on the pump that I can see. It has a 1hp dayton electric motor. It does have 121 marked in the phase box on the tank tag all the other boxes are blank. I will… Read more »

steven kupsche
5 years ago

I have speedaire model 3JR77A. motor was stolen. what single phase motor and pulley can I use?

5 years ago

I am in need of a small compressor that provides supervisory air to a fire alarm system that patentes date back to 1918. The existing one cannot be found so I was wondering if I can use a speedier 22vx72 . This is an air motor and wondering if I can power it with a electric motor to get app 20 ounces of air out of it. It would not run continuous but intermittent to hold system pressure of app 1.5 lbs thank you

Grady Hunt
6 years ago

I have a Speedaire 8hp, 8 gal, model 5f219, wheelbarrow type, portable air compressor. The tanks need to be replaced. Otherwise, the compressor is fine. Do you have any idea of where to find replacement tanks?

6 years ago

How can I tell the age of a 4ME96 compressor?

6 years ago

Hello. I have bought a speedaire 4tk11. It has a 3 phase Electric motor 460/208-230 how do hook up 240 lv single phase to it. Or should put a single phase 240. On it.

Don Ames
6 years ago
Reply to  Mike Stanton

Purchased new in 1990
I see that you don’t have any answers to my questions about pumps matching 5 HP elect motor
I talked to Granger and they wanted to sell me one that a 3 HP electric motor would run! if that would be the case why would Speedaire put a 5 HP motor on this unit that would cost more to run??

Don Ames
6 years ago

I have a Speedaire sixty gal.upright air compressor with a 5 HP electric 230 Volt motor and want to replace the pump because it is making lots of noise and takes forever to fill! My parts manual shows Model 5Z185 but I’m sure this has been replaced with a newer model part number I’m very concerned because the salespeople of various places want to sell me a compressor pump that they say is the same as the one I have but only uses a three HP motor, wouldn’t you think that since I have a 5 HP elec. motor that… Read more »