Sanborn compressor user questions and comments

Sanborn is one of the makes of air compressors about which it is sometimes difficult to find help. You can find help here. This is the Sanborn compressor user questions and comments page on which owners and users of Sanborn air compressors can post questions and find existing answers to questions others have posted here.

Can you still buy Sanborn air compressors? In 2019 I’ve seen new Sanborn air compressors offered for sale by the Menards chain of DIY stores. I’ve seen some on the retail market via online outlets like eBay.

If you search for Sanborn air compressors on Amazon, that search will return a number of air compressors, but not the Sanborn brand. Amazon does offer a limited line of Sanborn air compressor parts, however.

Sanborn air compressor
Sanborn air compressor

Other online resale outlets often list Sanborn compressors, and if you do a search, the Sanborn brand pops up at A bit more investigation suggests that Powermate, which offered compressors under the Powermate name too, went out of business in 2008. Yet, they are still around today and you can contact them at . On this site they appear to offer advice and can refer you to a local repair depot when the zip is put into the support field.

We also learned that Sanborn, Powermate and MAT holdings are all connected. MAT holdings is a quite large corporation, have indicated that they currently do supply the Sanborn line of air compressors, and can be reached for more information here: [email protected] .

A lot of air compressors, like the Sanborn brand, use complementary parts, meaning that parts from one can be used on another compressor and so on. We’ve a bit of experience doing that sort of thing, so if you are stuck for help, you can post a question here and maybe we can help resolve the issue with your compressor. Questions like “why is the Sanborn leaking air (if you tell us where the air is leaking from)”, and the “Sanborn wont’ start, won’t stop, etc. etc.”

If you do post, please try to include a photo of your complete compressor and close ups of where on the compressor the problem is. This will allow faster help from visitors.

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Randy Daigle
4 years ago

What kind of oil should i use