Craftsman Sears Air Compressors

Craftsman Sears air compressors are sold North America wide by the Sears Company retail stores and by their on line sales platform.

They currently differentiate their air compressors, having a Craftsman consumer line of air compressors, and what they call a  Craftsman professional line. The consumer air compressors appear to be red in color, while the professional line is black in color.

Are there differences between the two lines aside from the color? It does look as though the pump and motor on the Pro line are more robust, and certainly, their larger compressors are found in the Pro line. A 5 HP compressor on a vertical 80 gallon tank appears to the largest.

Craftsman consumer and professional compressors -

Since Sears has been a department store for decades, they also sell other brands of air compressors. The Craftsman brand is, however, their house brand.

As a retailer Sears does not make their own air compressors, nor – for that matter – do they manufacture the other products they sell. Rather, they outsource the supply of air compressors as and when required.

That has issues for clients owning  Craftsman Sears air compressors, as the model numbers change with some frequency, and the source of the air compressors at any point in time may be a number of different manufacturers. That can, and does, lead to parts supply issues.

Unlike some of the big box stores however, Craftsman Sears air compressor parts are available from their own parts network. To access their parts system, visit –

Craftsman Sears Air Compressors Forum

Please use the comment section on this page to ask a question about your Craftsman Sears air compressors, to respond to another persons question, or to leave comments about your experience in using this brand.

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Phillip L.
5 years ago

Hi. I have a very old Craftsman 4 HP 20 Gallon Horizontal 220VAC model, probably from around 1984. The pressure switch is failing to kick in on low pressure. I tried adjusting it in both directions, counting the turns so i ended up back at the same setting. Last night it was very low pressure and would not come on. Today i lifted the switch and it started and cut off at around 120 PSI. I think i will replace the pressure switch if i can determine the model to order the part. I will attach pictures to help. I… Read more »

Gary Newman
5 years ago

I would like to know the model number of my Sears Roebuck & Co, Air Compressor. “They” say the model number is supposed to be on the label but I went over all the labels on my air compressor and NO where is a model number. My compressor is a 4 HP 2 cyl 240 Volt 20 gallon portable that looks quite similar to Sears Craftsman Model 919.174212 but it only shows a 1 HP motor for that model. There is NO model number on any of the labels but every label has a number on each of them. The… Read more »

Dave Comaniuk
7 years ago

Hi , i’m looking for an online manual for my Sears Craftsman Air Compressor-Model-919.175251 I would appreciate any information to finding this manual. Thanks Dave